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Hair Transform as seen on ITV:

The Speakmans

Hair Transform were delighted to be invited to appear in episode three of the new ITV show The Speakmans, in the show Dawn Johansen and Sophie Pringle work their magic to help trichotillomania sufferer Danielle (Dannii) with a hair makeover.

The Speakmans show follows therapists to the stars, Nik and Eva Speakman as they attempt to successfully treat ordinary people with extraordinary problems.

In a bid to succeed where counsellors, doctors and other therapists have failed, Nik and Eva see a range of people with debilitating psychological issues and attempt over the course of one programme to cure them.

The Speakmans Episode three: Trichotillomania

“Danielle has been suffering from Trichotillomania for the last 18 years, which means that she has a compulsion to pull her hair out. After she has pulled out her hair, she then bites the roots as she loves the crunching sound it makes. Danielle has several bald patches which has caused her to have a serious lack of confidence and she claims that she hasn’t been able to go out with friends or enjoy a social life for a long time.   Danielle is desperate to stop pulling her hair out, and her parents are equally desperate for her to.

In family mediation, the family make an emotional plea in an attempt to help Danielle to overcome her condition.

In therapy, The Speakmans discover that Danielle was badly bullied at school and as a result she began to pull her hair out.

Can The Speakmans successfully treat Danielle?  Will Danielle stop pulling her hair out? Can The Speakmans help Danielle gain back her confidence?”

Dannii before and after makeover pictures

Hair Transform systems are suitable for all forms of hair loss including:

Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Genetic Thinning, Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy or Injury

“Thanks to Nik and Eva for having us on your show, you are truly amazing!”
Dawn Johansen x