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Women’s Hair Replacement

Hair Transform has developed skills and techniques over many years with our Hair Loss Systems to convincingly disguise many different types of hair loss conditions.

We use ‘volumising’ hair integration systems to create a full head of hair which provides an ideal solution to many different types of temporary or permanent hair loss. The system integrates with your existing healthy natural hair with beautiful and undetectable results.

We also provide and fit top enhancement pieces which are most suitable for minor cases of thinning hair or hair loss. The systems are expertly and individually designed to the unique requirements of each client. We can also incorporate partings resulting in an amazingly natural look and feel.



With our integration systems there are no restrictions and you will be able to shower and exercise without fear of detection. The systems are safely secured and behave naturally as if it were your own hair.



We take great care to ensure that the methods used are completely safe. The methods are non surgical and integrations are applied using anti-allergenic mesh combined with very fine and expert hair extension work. Integrations do not involve the use of glues, solutions or injections.



Our design team will provide the style of your choice either working in line with your current colour or you may want to transform the look and go for straight, curly, highlighted hair…
the options are endless.

Sharon Before and After


We get lots of lovely comments and thanks for our work which are always very pleasing when received, here are just a few examples…

I can’t say enough about the patience and kindness the girls at hair transform show everyone during the whole process. It’s really hard to explain how life changing it is to finally have confidence about my appearance again. My new hair really has given me my confidence back. I can’t imagine going back to the way that I used to look.

You might look at the “before photo”, see that I have hair and wonder why I chose to have the hair loss system by Dawn at Hair Transform. However, what the pictures fail to show is the amount of time, effort and money spent applying volumising shampoo, hair thickening sprays, lotions and potions, velcro rollers, herbal tablets and hours of back combing and praying that it did not rain! I have always suffered from very fine hair and tried every hair extension method available, from wefts to single bonds to links, these methods gave me some length and some confidence to go out with the girls on a night out, however I still needed to use the back comb method to hide the connections and to all of my friends annoyance I was always asking if the bonds could be seen through my fine hair. Something else hair extensions didn’t achieve was the volume of hair I so desperately wanted on top of my head, sides of my face and fringe area. Oh how I dreamed of going to the gym and tying my thick hair back into a long pony tail….. After a consultation with Dawn, it was suggested I try the volumiser system which is used for hair loss clients as a way of achieving the look I wanted. To me hair loss system conjured up images of people who were suffering from alopecia or bald headed women, however when the process was explained to me I thought I had nothing to lose. Three months on I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that I have got the look I wanted, I feel so confident, pretty and very girly…I can wear a dress and feel glamorous and I have rejoined my local gym…well I can put my hair back in a thick long pony tail now and concentrate on keeping fit instead of worrying about what my flat, thin, wet hair looked like in the mirrors…I love receiving compliments and comments about how natural my hair feels and looks and enjoy going out and getting dressed up more than ever, I am pleased to say that I am definitely living up to the “blondes have more fun” motto 🙂

COMPLETE LIFE CHANGER!!! What can I say, except that I totally and utterly agree with all the reviews. Since I’ve found the lovely warm Dawn and Jackie and her fab team, my life has changed so much for the better, I too suffer with genetically thinning hair and it affected my social life greatly but now I’ve got a head full of gorgeous ash blonde thick hair which is dead easy to maintain, I’ve had this hair system for about 2 years now and I treat it as a normal head of hair, I genuinely forget its not really mine, anyway enough babbling, but just to say if you are suffering like I was, give Hair Transfrom a ring and get booked in! PS iv pulled much better looking blokes since too!!!!LOL Thanks Dawn and team xxx